A day out at the beach
Bab Hughes
2min 30secs
Spared for a purpose
Elaine Philips
2min 40secs
Through the curtain
John Bristow
2min 20secs

Narratives of Ageing was funded by a ESRC grant in collaboration with the health science dept at Swansea University

These six stories were told by older people then the themes from the stories were used in a ‘big brother’ room to find out what a younger generation thought. We then played the young people’s comments back to the storytellers and recorded their conversation. Each story is followed by a selection of younger and older voices reflecting on the themes

The stories and commentary have been part of a national festival of social science and a symposium on ageing in America

Pride and teenagers
Julie Paton
A good night out
Mary Prosser
3min 10secs
Younger and older voices

3min 10secs
Dancing through the ages
Nancy Harding
2min 15secs