The hand of God
2min 20secs
Kim’s success
Tabita Nota
2min 10secs
Patience pays dividends
Martha Metha

Swansea is one of sixteen ‘dispersal centres’ in the UK for people who arrive here seeking asylum

SDS has completed several projects with refugees and asylum seekers, as a result of successful partnerships with Swansea University’s Department of Adult Continuing Education, the African Community Centre and Oxfam

These stories describe instances of persecution, personal bravery and doubt and the challenge of beginning a new life in Swansea

They were often made in spite of the added difficulties of working in a foreign language, having little in the way of photographs or possessions to show for one’s past, and living in great uncertainty, day by day

A day I dread to think about
Mercy Chapita
1min 40secs